My Response

Isaiah had been through a life-changing experience! It was his time to serve in the temple and God was there! I get the impression that this was not the usual experience when a priest served in the temple I imagine that it was usually quiet and relatively uneventful, but this time God in his presence and power was clearly there.

Turning Points

Let’s take a walk. But, uh, watch your step. It’s kind of messy along here. There’s a lot of broken stuff and, well, I’m pretty flabbergasted about how it got this way. Honestly, I don’t know how any of it happened. Actually, that’s not true. I remember it all way better than I would like.

Unfinished Business

Years ago while on the mission field I had a colleague who was the ultimate task oriented individual. He kept a small notebook and pen in his front pocket at all times with a list of all that he had to accomplish during that particular day. As the day advanced and tasks were complete,…

How is Your Patience?

We are good at noticing when others aren’t patient, but what about ourselves? Where or when is patience elusive to you? What about when the driver in front of you doesn’t move and the light changed to green three seconds ago?