Honor what is…

“So, tell me your story.” Five little words were spoken and panic stung my heart. My mind was racing. Should I be honest about everything? Should I sugarcoat the bad decisions I’ve made? What if he decides I’m not good enough? How I responded to those five little words could alter the course of my life. I did not want to make a mistake.

Dare to be Different

It is amazing how much social norms and cultural expectations push us as Americans to “follow the leader.” There is often that uneasy, perhaps subtle but ever-present, tension that we must conform to the patterns of this world in order to most easily fit in among our neighbors, friends and peers.

Opus Gloria

What do I want people to say about me when I die? This was not a question on the forefront of my mind all day, every day. Being 24-years-old at the time I never stopped to think about a question I considered to be morbid and a little depressing.

Encourage vs. Empower

What exactly is the difference? When do you encourage? When do you empower? Encourage – give support, confidence, or hope to someone. Empower – give someone the authority or power to do something, make someone stronger and more confident.