Invest in Today and Tomorrow

There is a well known Latin term “carpe diem” which means to “seize the day.” It is used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Enjoy the pleasures of the present without any concern for tomorrow. It is one option of how to view one’s approach to life.

Fame and Fortune

Most of us have heard this phrase “fame and fortune” all of our lives. It is characterized as the maximum accomplishment goal to be sought in this earthly existence. Many are those who are disappointed by the road to desired fame and those who seek and/or obtain fortune but then find that there is no great fulfillment in these.

Dare to be Different

It is amazing how much social norms and cultural expectations push us as Americans to “follow the leader.” There is often that uneasy, perhaps subtle but ever-present, tension that we must conform to the patterns of this world in order to most easily fit in among our neighbors, friends and peers.

Earn As Much As You Can, Give As Much As You Can

Some folks might look at the first part of this title and think that it is promoting greediness and selfishness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The concept of using our intellect and physical abilities to work and increase our resources is found in the earliest origins of the world.

Seek Wise Counsel

You have probably heard it said “No man is an island unto himself.” There is both biblical and secular literature content that speaks to this truth. As we proceed through life’s journey, it will always go better when we invite others along for the ride.