by | Nov 30, 2017 | Propelling Starters

Who are you? Who is your organization?


Could you sum up who you want your church to be and become?


If you can’t name what that is and define it succinctly, someone else will define it and name it another way. Who your organization becomes is defined or not defined by the leader, but it will be defined.


Another way to say this is: If the leader doesn’t purposely create the culture of their organization, someone else will. Without purposefully creating culture we risk what we are hoping to create being hijacked.We never will see our organization become the vision God has given us if we don’t create the culture on purpose.


So then how do we create this culture?
Model it. If you want your organization to be outward focused, demonstrate, on purpose, an outward focus in your daily life. Share stories of being outwardly focused.
Create sticky terms. We no longer live in the information age, we now live in the editorial age. There is too much information available today, and people don’t want to know everything, just what they need to know and why. By streamlining and making strong, connective phrases we share repeatedly, it will start to form a culture around these statements. You will see people connect to your organization that these phrases resonate with and you will also see people leave your organization because they decide they don’t want to be part of an organization that is heading in that direction.
Stick to it. Don’t start and then stop. Don’t start and tweak quickly and repeatedly. Culture creation takes time. You will never see realized what could be, if the seed of culture is never given time to germinate.
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