Fear and Trembling

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Igniting Influence

“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” (Phil. 4:12). We have all read this and heard it all our lives, however, if you are like me, you misinterpreted the real meaning.

One word makes a huge difference. That word is “out.” Not work for or work toward. We want all Christ has put in us to come out. The Holy Spirit now lives within us. We want Him to come out.

“With fear and trembling” is not the kind of fear that God will zap us. God is love. The new covenant brought about through Christ paying for all our sins is now flawless. God sees us like He sees Christ – holy and blameless.

With fear and trembling we want all of His goodness to come out, not our human sinful nature that is selfish and ugly. I fear others will see Becky and not the holy, precious Christ in me. That is my fear.

He chose me and appointed me to go and produce fruit – fruit that will last. I fear I will get busy and not offer others the message of life. God says we will shine like stars lighting up the sky as we offer them the message of life. Christ was our example of humbling himself. Making himself nothing. Less of me, more of Christ.

How do we do this? John 15 tells us how – “Remain in me and I’ll remain in you …apart from me you can do nothing,” (v. 5) As we invite Christ into every thought all day long, every part of our lives, and as we learn more about Him, we change. He changes us on the inside. As our inside changes, what others observe and experience on the outside is different.

  1. What is coming out of you?
  2. Do people see and experience Christ in you?
  3. How are you inviting Christ into all your thoughts?

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