God Don’t Make No Junk

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Prayer Coach

To say it was a major turning point in my life would be an understatement.  

I struggled to get by in the eighth grade. Really struggled.  

My grades were barely above water. I suspect my teachers passed me just because they wanted to assure themselves they wouldn’t be “blessed” with me again for another year. As an adult, I discovered several major contributing factors to my educational challenges, I had Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder before it was cool. I thought I had the same abilities possessed by my fellow students but was just dumb.

Then an amazing transformation happened! My mom is still astounded by the change. My C and D grades of the eighth grade turned to straight A’s in the ninth grade!

Before I make the great reveal, let me look farther back for a moment. The poor grades of the eighth grade were nothing new to my educational journey.  Encouraged by these learning challenges, I had mastered the art of poor performance and truly believed that this was the true ME.

I was so tired of sneaking up on Mom just before my school bus came to have her sign my failure notices. Needless to say, she developed a fantastic ability to sign her name under stressful conditions. We moved that summer. It was a time of self-evaluation and consideration of new things. I wanted to do something that would please her, make her proud of me. I had heard somewhere that in times of transition if one put his mind to it, he could start over. My new world contained none of the same teachers or classmates, so my reputation was clean. I didn’t think of the transcript of grades that had been forwarded to my new school.

The decision was made. The new Jay was soon to emerge! I gathered my school supplies with the anticipation of a secret agent preparing for an undercover assignment. The new Jay was motivated! I turned in class assignments before they were due. I signed up for the competitive speech team, the student council, athletic teams, choir, business club, drama, science club, and more. I even asked permission to do an extra credit report for Geography class that was over one hundred typed pages in length, supported by a lighted 3D topographical map and two-day audio-visual presentation.

I finished high school with honors. I was a four-year letterman. I had numerous leadership positions and academic awards, along with state and national recognition. The learning challenges were still there, but I chose to live a life determined by who I was and not by the challenges confronting me.

What made the difference, you ask?  My transition process contained the following:

– I had a great desire to change.

– I became a student of myself. I discovered how God made me and much of what he wanted for me.

– I lived in the reality of me rather than the drive to be someone else.

– I lived in my strengths and not my weaknesses.

– I saw an opportunity to start new and I took it.

My personal mission is this: I pour into marred vessels revealing God’s treasures.  I am driven to encourage, challenge, and coach everyone I encounter. I want them to throw aside the false conclusions of the limiting scripts they have been living, to discover the treasure God has created them to be, and to step forward, living in that truth. Each of us are unique creations of God, created and gifted to do unique and awesome things!

Ethel Waters, the iconic vocalist, originated the quote, “I am somebody cause God don’t make no junk!” This truth is revealed in Psalm 139:13-18 where the psalmist proclaimed the wonder of being God’s unique and treasured creation.  

You are his treasured creation, and he don’t make no junk!


  1. What needs to change in you?
  2. What false scripts are you surrendering to?
  3. What can be different when you live as the unique treasure you are?

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