It’s a God Thing

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Prayer Coach

“It’s a God Thing!” We’ve all heard this said. There are at least two ways it is commonly used. I use it when I am attempting to explain something I know God has done, but I cannot explain…the wonder of birth, a buried seed that springs to life, love, faith, grace, salvation. I have heard it said, “Coincidence is God doing something miraculous where he remains anonymous.” It’s a God Thing!

Another is when we talk about actions, responses, processes where we have seen God move. Things like answered prayer, Bible reading, worship, fellowship, witness, and discipline-making are a few. As Christian leaders, we encouraging believers to engage in these “God things” praying and hoping the results will be God honoring. But warning! There is a danger in simply seeking to DO “God things”.

A few years back George Barna asked the shocking question, “do your actions and reactions as a Christian more closely resemble those of Christ or the Pharisees?’ I find that much of what I do at church and in my private prayer and study time, frightfully, resembles more the rote repetition and regiment of the Pharisees than the vibrant living actions of our Lord. I find myself doing “God things” rather than things God is telling me to do!

I had been planning a spiritual retreat for months filled with retreat, scripture, silence, and fasting. All of the details were worked out, the place, time off, prayer supporters and the plan. I was excited. I was going to experience God in a new way. I would be changed and others in my world would be changed, too. God would be pleased!

Then it happened! During my prayer preparation, I heard God say to me, “I like your plans to spend time with me, BUT I didn’t ask you to do this.” “But Lord, it’s a God thing!” I responded, “It is what your disciples do to experience you in a transformational way!” “Yes, you are correct. But, I didn’t ask you to do this.”

I learned it’s not about me doing something that impresses God. It is about me hearing God and obediently doing what he invites me to join him in. So, I need to listen for his voice. I need to hear him speak. I need to do what he directs.


  1. Are you working to impress God or to hear him?
  2. Is your spiritual journey a living discovery or a lifeless rote repletion?
  3. How are you developing your God-listening skills?

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