Lead Well Today

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Propelling Starters

Everyone is called to lead someone, something, somewhere. It could be your family, your job, your church, or your local sports league. We are all called to lead others toward the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus.


Leading can be scary, tricky, and lonely at times. Many times people stop leading because of the burden it puts on them emotionally. Sometimes they stop because they have self-doubt. Some find it easier to slip back into the pack and just follow. Following is a good thing, and we need to follow, but we also need to lead.


If we are followers of Christ, we have been called to lead others to see the grace of Christ and be able to see it tangibly in our lives. Part of leading is following hard after Christ. I think sometimes we don’t know how to follow Christ well, so then we feel we can’t lead others to Christ. Remember, the main difference between biblical Christianity and every other belief system is the idea of grace. When you live richly in the grace of Christ, you will be able to extend that grace to others. One of the greatest leadership lessons we can learn to lead others is the idea of grace.


One of my favorite passages is when Paul says, “as I follow Christ, follow me.” Today God has set you up as a leader simply because you are a follower of Christ. What are you going to do today to help someone else come to meet, know, and follow Jesus? If we are following Christ, there should be that opportunity. In the midst of meetings, tasks, and other things we have going on, what will we do today to lead? Look for the opportunity today to show grace to a co-worker, an employee, a cashier, or a server during lunch.


Lead well in grace today and rest easy that you are leading well.

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