Reveal what is not…

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Living Life

I was the youngest in the room. This meant I had the least real-world experience. My eyes darted hither and yon wondering what the others thought about me.

“She’s too young.”

“Who does she think she is?”

“Would anyone ever trust her to coach them on serious issues?”

Those were the questions running through my mind. I began second-guessing myself. Was I good enough? Would anyone trust me?

Sitting in the middle of the room, all eyes on me, I expressed this concern. Voicing those thoughts aloud seemed almost silly, yet, it produced profound healing. Those questions were not my questions. They were not from my Father in heaven. They were from darkness, attempting to draw me away from effective service for our Lord. I could not allow this to happen. I knew I had to draw on God’s strength to overcome my limiting beliefs.

There is something refreshing about being who God created you to be, like coming up for air after holding your breath underwater for a long time. It refreshes the soul.

Sometimes we have to work through the layers, revealing those vulnerable places of self-doubt. Rejecting the lies Satan has whispered in your ear can remove his blinders and reveal your true identity in Christ.

Freedom comes from expressing God’s divine design.

I firmly believe that we are often our own worst enemy.

The doubts and fears we allow to flow through us prevent us from becoming all God intended when he designed before the world began.

We limit God’s fullest loving expression by limiting our own. Limiting beliefs are paralyzing. They halt forward progress. They lock you away, erecting barriers between us and all that God wants to give us.

This is right where Satan wants you. He wants to trap you, to make you second-guess everything. He wants to trick you into believing you cannot accomplish what God has planned for you. He holds you down. He disables you. He confuses our reasoning to live.

Break through those barriers. Do not allow paralyzing fear to lead you into stagnant living. Ask God to remove those limiting beliefs.

Speaking truth restores identity and brings freedom. It reveals what is not.

  1. What limiting belief keeps you paralyzed?
  2. Are you so afraid of men that you don’t fear God?
  3. What do you need to surrender to the Lord today?


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