Rotten or Good Fruit

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Igniting Influence

Sweet, juicy fruit is refreshing, tasty and satisfying. However, I’m so disappointed when I open up an orange and it is dry and tasteless. Or, when I expectantly cut into a cantaloupe and find out it is hard and almost bitter. So disappointing. I was anticipating a sweet, juicy cantaloupe – instead, I wasted my money.

The outside can appear good. It can smell okay when it is surrounded by good fruit. But, when you open it up, there is no substance.

What about the fruit we, as Christians, are producing? In John 15:16 we read, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”

Not only were you chosen for a particular place, time and job, but you were appointed. Think about this.

So many times we (me included) are either waiting for that perfect time, wishing we were somewhere else or had what others had that we miss the appointments God has for us now. When God appoints us, He also prepares hearts and provides for us – nothing happens by accident.

One day a couple of years ago, I was in Mardels buying a Jesus Calling book for my doctor. While there, I felt a very strong urge to purchase two additional copies for my doctor’s office assistants. I didn’t feel they would receive them well but sensed God was directing me to purchase them anyway.

The following day at the doctor’s office I handed each assistant a gift bag with the books and waited for my appointment.

One assistant came over and thanked me for the book. “I’ve been wanting on of these for myself. My daughter has been using one in her youth group and I keep stealing hers. Now I have one for my own,” she said. I thought, “Wow Lord, you knew.”

After seeing the doctor, the other assistant came to me with tears in her eyes, “You answered my prayer. My boyfriend left me two days ago and I was talking to God about needing a devotional to help me get through this time.”

You see, I was chosen and appointed. It was not about me. It was about God and His Kingdom.

I can’t just appear good on the outside – act like a Christian. I have to be obedient to the Father and respond to His leading.

I also know that the fruit He is producing in these two assistants may take time, but they do know that God is real.

Questions for Action and Reflection:

1. What has God chosen for you?
2. Is your appearance deceiving?
3. How good is your fruit?

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