refocuscoach provides leadership coaching for individuals who want to create a preferred future for themselves. Our team coaching provides collaborative communication tools that empower work-groups to accomplish more together than they could working individually. Our coach training services through affiliation with Coaching4Clergy equips leaders with the classroom, practice, and virtual instruction necessary for becoming accredited coaches. Our mentor coaching gives coaches opportunities to sharpen their skills and gain the necessary evaluation for accreditation.

Leadership Coaching creates a culture where powerful questions and deep listening lead to transformational results. It provides a pathway through the clutter that prevents leaders from moving forward with purpose.

Team Coaching generates collaboration that produces team wins and organization-wide success. Teams that work together in a coaching culture build community and accomplish more.

Coach Training multiplies leadership effectiveness with coaching skills. Leaders who actively listen learn more. They co-create missional and visionary clarity within their areas of responsibility.

Mentor Coaching drives your coaching skills toward your personal and professional goals. It opens doors to coaching mastery and accreditation.

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