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I first learned about StrengthsFinder in 2003. Ken Braddy told me I should take the assessment. It was an eye opener.

I didn’t have the language to describe my strengths, nor did I realize my “seeing the glass always half full” was a strength. In fact, my top strength is positivity. You don’t know what this means to me.

I was often told, “You’re just so naive. You just don’t get it.” But I did get it, and I still do. I see things differently. I learned that my spiritual gifts of encouragement and faith help me trust God and see the good in others.

I don’t know about you, but I measure every day by the things I have completed. I take time every night and go back over my day. Did I do all I planned? I don’t write down many lists, but I have lists in my head all the time. I plan out my time. I prioritize things and then go. My second-highest strength is achiever.

I’ve learned that 13.5 million people have achiever as their top strength or theme. Achievers complete things. They check things off their lists. They add energy to an idea to achieve milestones. They have a great work ethic and a great deal of stamina. They actually need things to accomplish to replenish themselves. An achiever who doesn’t achieve feels incomplete. Does this describe me, or what? Does it describe you?

Another thing I’ve learned about strength themes is that there is a raw state and a mature state for each theme. I like the word raw. It isn’t done yet. I want to grow and mature.

Here is a comparison of a raw and a mature achiever.

Raw Achiever                                         Mature Achiever
Busyness                                                 Productivity aligned with goals and vision
Action bias                                               Sees the action in the bigger idea even if not obvious
Can be a lone ranger                              Helps others and sets the pace to bring the team along
Impulsive – going in every direction         Focusing energy on what makes a difference
“They can’t keep up with me” pride         “I can set the pace for us”
Tiresome                                                 Tireless

We have tools to help leaders and teams mature and leverage their strengths. How may we assist you?


  1. What are your strengths?
  2. How are you living out your strengths?
  3. What’s working well?

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