When I Knew I Was a Leader

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Igniting Influence

I first understood I was a leader when I was nine years old. I had a dream about leading a group of people. The only other dreams I remember as a kid were of falling and I would wake up terrified. The dream about leading had a huge impact on me. I believe God was giving me a glimpse of His plans for me.

I started my first job a few months later. Lawrence Hammond, manager of the Tarrant Baptist Encampment, asked me to help with the Men’s Fish Fry. I was elated! I filled glasses with ice and tea. I did it with pride and excellence.

One of my daddy’s favorite sayings was, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” That was not only on my mind, but in my heart. It still serves me well every day. What if everyone was nice all the time? How would our world be different?

Another thing my daddy instilled in my brother and me was to always keep our commitments. I committed to a job and I wanted to quit after a couple of weeks. Daddy said, “No way! You made a commitment, young lady, and they are counting on you. If you don’t keep your commitments now when you are young, you will not keep them as an adult.”

Daddy was right. I stuck it out. I spread honey rather than vinegar and things started changing. I learned a great lesson. I realized I had a choice and could influence my environment one way or another. I could help change the culture and the way others thought. This was enlightening. However, I knew that it wasn’t me, but God working in and through me. He was my companion.


  1. What ideas have served you well?
  2. How do you influence your environments?
  3. What lessons have you learned that have shaped your thinking?

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